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  Safety Products
We have assembled a line SAFETY PRODUCTS to compliment our absorbent products and spill kits. Some of those items are shown below. Some of the more popular safety products requested for spill kits include safety goggles, 3M dust masks, nitrile gloves, Tyvek suits, neoprene gloves, and eyewash refill bottles. Our anti-fatigue mats will increase employee productivity by reducing fatigue from standing on hard surfaces. If the safety products you are looking for are not shown here, contact us about availability.
Anti-fatigue mats Barefoot ANTI-FATIGUE MATS are used anywhere employees must stand to perform their duties. Increased comfort provided by our floor mats will result in increased productivity. Both solid and drain thru surfaces are available. You can also choose from three material types for your work area. These anti-fatigue mats can be interlocked and bonded together to make many customized sizes and shapes.
This product is made in the USA These anti-fatigue mats are made in the USA
Anti-fatigue Mats  
Nitrile Gloves Our NITRILE GLOVES are 13 Inch, flock lined green gloves and come in 10 mil and 17 mil thickness with various sizes. Nitrile gloves are chemical resistant and recommended for safety kits.
Nitrile Gloves  
Safety Goggles The SAFETY GOGGLES we use for our spill kitS are clear, indirect vented, with anti-fog lenses. In addition to emergency spill response applications, safety goggles are used daily in work areas where dust and other air born particulates are present.
Safety Goggles  
Tyvek and Micromax COVERALLS will protect your spill response personnel. Our stock coveralls have zipper fronts and are packaged 25 per case. These chemical resistant suits should be included in your spill kits.
Chemical resistant coveralls  
Eyewash Station EYE WASH stations should be placed in areas of your plant dealing with oil and chemicals. As a safety precaution, have eye wash refill bottles in your spill kits and first aid kits.
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